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Cougar photographed in central Wisconsin spotted in Rusk County, heading north

EAU CLAIRE - The state DNR says a cougar photographed in Juneau and Jackson counties a month ago has apparently headed north. A camera on a trail near Hawkins in Rusk County photographed a cougar on November eighth. And DNR ecologist Adrian Wydeven says the animal's markings and spot patterns appear to be the same in all three pictures.

The cougar was spotted near Mauston on October 16th, and at Pray in Jackson County four days later. Wydeven says the animal has been traveling on an average of three-point-eight miles a day. And based on its travel patterns, the cougar may be in Price County or the Flambeau State Forest this week.

Hundreds-of-thousands of deer hunters will hit the woods starting Saturday, and the DNR reminds them that the cougar is a protected species. That means it can only be shot in self-defense or to prevent another person from being harmed. But the DNR says that's not likely - even though it is possible. The agency also asks hunters to report any cougar sightings. The DNR has an observation form for rare mammals on its Web site.