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Hunters killed about six-percent more deer than a year ago during the opening weekend

Wisconsin hunters killed an estimated 112-thousand-581 deer on the opening weekend of the nine-day gun season. That's almost six-percent more than a year ago. And the D-N-R says the final weekend tally will probably be larger. That's because the preliminary count was based on phone calls to registration stations yesterday morning -- hours before the final deadline to register the weekend's animals. Also, officials say it will take awhile to enter the necessary information in the D-N-R's database. But according to the early figures, almost 58-thousand bucks were killed -- about 45-hundred more than a year ago. And almost 55-thousand anterless deer were taken, 25-hundred more than last year. The D-N-R said hunters have come from all 50 states, and 71 are from foreign countries. Meanwhile, the first death has been recorded from the deer season, and it appeared to be from natural causes. An 86-year-old Racine man was found dead in his tree stand on Saturday in Bayfield County. And authorities said there was no indication of an accident or foul play. The victim's name was not released yesterday.