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State's first wolf hunt almost completed

Wisconsin is one step closer to ending its inaugural wolf hunt, more than two-and-a-half months before it was scheduled to end. The DNR said today that Zone-Five in west-central Wisconsin will be closed to wolf hunting at nine a.m. tomorrow.

That's because the quota of 23 wolves for the area has been reached. Four other zones have also been shut down. And for now, at least, the season will stay open in the southern three-fourths of Wisconsin except for Zone-Five - which includes parts Adams, Juneau, Wood, Jackson, Clark, and Eau Claire counties, plus very small segments of western Marquette and Waushara counties. Hunters are close to reaching their statewide quota of 116 wolves in a season that began on October 15th, and was scheduled to run through the end of February.

The DNR's Kurt Thiede said his agency continues to learn a lot about the success of hunting-and-trapping wolves - and they'll use the information to help draft permanent rules for the future. Hunters could not use dogs to bait wolves, because of a temporary injunction in a lawsuit against the practice. The next court hearing in that case is set for December 20th.