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Schachtner defeats Jarchow in special election

Outdoors Roundup: A free ice-fishing weekend this month

For the first time, Wisconsin is offering a free ice-fishing weekend. The D-N-R says it will take place January 19th and 20th - and both residents and non-residents will not need licenses and trout stamps to take fish from Wisconsin's inland waters during that time. For years, the state has offered a free fishing weekend in June. Last year, the governor and Legislature passed a bill to create the free ice-fishing weekend. It's part of a larger effort to get more Wisconsinites to take part in outdoor recreation.


The Alliance for Animals says it will hold a memorial service on Friday for the 117 grey wolves that Wisconsin hunters killed recently. Organizer Deanna Devaul said the candle-light event would take place in front of the D-N-R headquarters in Madison. She said there will be bell-ringing, and the reciting of a poem that honors the wolves which were shot-and-trapped this past fall. The D-N-R ran Wisconsin's first organized wolf hunt, after wolves in the Upper Midwest were removed a year ago from the federal endangered species list. Animal rights' groups were outraged that Wisconsin and Minnesota held wolf hunts - and that Michigan was planning one. They said it should be enough to put the wolves back under federal protections. The opponents filed documents in preparation for legal action late last year - but no such lawsuits have been filed yet.