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NRB holds public hearing on using dogs to hunt wolves

MADISON - The state Natural Resources Board heard horror stories today about what might happen if wolf hunters are allowed to use hunting dogs.

The Board held a public hearing in Madison on permanent rules to limit packs of hunting dogs to 16, ban them at night, and allow the dogs to be trained only from October to March. Critics have predicted violent skirmishes if the hunting dogs are allowed. And that's why Madison Judge Peter Anderson banned the dogs during the inaugural wolf season from last October through December. The judge lifted his order in mid-January and told the Natural Resources Board to create more exact rules.

Al Lobner of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association said strict rules are quote, "discriminating to those of us who prefer to hunt with hounds." But other speakers said wolves would have to fight for their lives. Animal rights activist Patricia Randolph was removed from the meeting when she showed the board an eight-foot pole with barbed wire on one end. She said hunters use it to pull wolves that are cornered by dogs. And the Wisconsin State Journal quoted her as telling board, "Maybe I should use this on some of you." Board president Preston Cole had the woman removed, and said his members would not be intimidated.