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$39,000 grant goes to Trimbelle restoration

Kiap-TU-Wish Chapter of Trout Unlimited announces it has received a $39,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for stream habitat restoration on the Trimbelle River, located in Western Wisconsin.

In conjunction Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Pierce County Land Conservation Department, the chapter is currently working on the "Bring Back the Natives" stream habitat restoration project on the Trimbelle River. The project will restore nearly 4,500 feet of stream habitat for Brook Trout and other aquatic species at the headwaters of the river--which is located approximately two miles south of River Falls on CTH W.

The overall goal of this project is the reintroduction of the once-native Eastern Brook Trout to the Trimbelle. This project will also reduce sedimentation and nutrient flow to the Mississippi River. The estimated cost of materials and labor for this project comes in at approximately $200,000.

This project is part of a longer-term restoration effort of the Trimbelle and its watershed. The bigger picture restoration strategy is to start at the headwaters and available public land, and over time move downstream to the Mississippi as easements and opportunities on private land become available. Officials hope to restore habitat, eliminate the need for stocking of non-native fish species, and reduce sediment and nutrient load to the Mississippi River.

A partial list of measurable long-term outcomes includes:

--Restoration of approximately 4,392 feet of stream bank and habitat in the Trimbelle River.

--Increase naturally reproducing Eastern Brook Trout numbers within the affected portion of the stream. The goal is from 0 (today) to a viable naturally reproducing population of 1,000 to 2,000 per mile (6-8 years).

--Reduce fine sediment and increase coarse substrate by 50 percent.

--Increase aquatic insect population in the affected section by 25 percent.

--Reduce bank erosion 80 percent relative to pre-existing conditions.

--Increase protective cover for adult Brook Trout by 30 percent through installation of pools and overhead cover.

In addition to chapter donations of cash and volunteer labor to this project, Kiap-TU-Wish is currently working to acquire additional grant money, private donations and partnerships to help fund this and other restoration projects on the Trimbelle. Donations from the public are welcomed.