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Wet spring means more mosquitos this summer

You may not have liked the snowy winter and rainy spring - but mosquitoes are loving it.

UW-Madison entomologist Phil Pelliterri says standing water in roadside ditches are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes - some of which carry the West Nile Virus. In Green Bay, twice as much snow fell this winter than last. And the melting, plus the recent rains, make for excellent breeding conditions. Pelliterri says a single egg can mature in two weeks when it's warm - but with the cool spring, the maturation period can be as long as six weeks. That means we might get a longer scratching season than normal.

The skeeters normally create three-to-four generations in a season. Pelliterri says you don't need to be near standing water to feel the bugs. They can migrate 20-miles or more in any direction from their breeding ground.