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Reward offered for person who killed snapping turtle at golf course

DELEVAN - A Wisconsin wildlife group is offering a one-thousand-dollar reward, for information that could bring the killer of a snapping turtle to justice.

The turtle died today. It was taken to the Pine View Wildlife Rehab center in Fredonia, but did not survive after a surgery.

The DNR said a female turtle was looking for a place to lay her eggs - and she was apparently beaten to death with a golf club in a sand trap at the Delbrook Golf Club in Delavan. Officials said it happened between 7:30 and 9:30 on Monday morning. Wildlife rehabilitators said the turtle was struck in the right eye, and had holes in her shell. Surgery was scheduled yesterday, but there was no immediate word on the result.

The Global Conservation Club of Wisconsin put up reward money to try and find the attacker. Anyone with information can call the DNR's hotline at 1-800-TIP-WDNR.