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DNR officials getting death threats over dead fawn

KENOSHA - Wisconsin DNR officials confirm they’ve received threats, after they took custody of a baby deer from a Kenosha County animal shelter and put it down.

Staff members of the Society of Saint Francis Shelter called the deer “Giggles.” They were planning to send it to a wildlife facility in Illinois – but armed DNR agents and county sheriff’s deputies went to the shelter two weeks ago, claiming the shelter did not comply with requests to hand the fawn over. Shelter personnel were reminded of a state law against possessing live wildlife – along with a DNR policy resulting in the animal’s death.

A Facebook page called “Justice for Giggles” has attracted national expressions of outrage. Governor Scott Walker said yesterday that the DNR’s policy should be re-examined. The Republican Walker said quote, “I don’t ever want to see something like that again.”