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Forty percent of wolf hunt quota already filled

Almost 40-percent of the grey-wolves that can be hunted in Wisconsin have already been taken, just seven days into the new season. 

The DNR said today that 95 wolves have been shot-and-trapped since last Tuesday.  That's about twice the pace of a year ago, when the state's inaugural quota of 116 wolves -- plus an extra one -- was taken just two months into a season that was supposed to last four-and-a-half months. 

The current season is also scheduled to last that long, but it probably won't.  Only 156 more wolves are still available, or 62-percent of the season's quota.  The DNR is trying to get the state's wolf population down to about 350, to prevent wolf attacks on livestock and farm crops.  Last winter, the DNR said there were as many as 834 wolves.  Environmentalists say there are not enough wolves for hunting.  They have a lawsuit pending that would end wolf hunts in the various states, and put the animals back on the endangered species list.  For now, wolf hunting continues in six zones of Wisconsin.  Each zone will stay open until its limit is reached.