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Spring rules hearing and Conservation Congress meetings held Monday

Wisconsin outdoor enthusiasts have had their say on almost five dozen fishing, hunting, and conservation proposals for state officials to consider.  The state's Conservation Congress held its annual fish-and-wildlife hearings last night in all 72 counties.  

Statewide results were being compiled this morning.  The hearings attracted relatively little media attention compared to recent years, but one idea has drawn lots of interest in northern Wisconsin.  It would allow motor-trolling for fish, using only one line on waters in 17 counties where trolling is current banned.  Right now, anglers can troll with up to three lines in the state's 55 other counties.  A proposal last year to extend three-line trolling to all lakes in the other 17 counties was defeated by about 400 votes out of 5,100 cast -- including in the far northern fishing hot-beds of Oneida and Vilas counties.  Trolling is currently allowed on five lakes in Oneida County, and none in Vilas.  

Also, anglers were asked whether a number of closed fishing seasons should allow catch-and-release activity.