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DNR wants to return to regular deer hunting schedule in southern Wisconsin

The state Department of Natural Resources wants to return to a more traditional deer hunting schedule for southern Wisconsin.

Officials have tried all kinds of things to reduce the deer herd ever since chronic wasting disease turned up six years ago.

The strategies didn't work, partially because many landowners refused to buy into them.

So now wildlife experts are recommending what's done elsewhere in the state. That includes a four-day antlerless hunt in October, and the nine-day gun season in November.

There would also be an antlerless-only season in late December where CWD has been found.

The Earn-a-Buck mandate would also stay, in which hunters would have to shoot does before getting a chance at those trophy bucks.

The Natural Resources Board will take up the proposals next Wednesday.

The DNR's Alan Crossley says the agency wants to try smaller steps to try and contain the deer disease.

Almost 1,000 Wisconsin deer have died from CWD since 2002.