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Plans for Vista Croix still changing

In July 2016, the proposal for the Vista Croix mixed-used development facade, on the site of the former Steamboat Inn and Florence Fiedler house, showed a mix of red brick and Kasota stone, with limestone window trim. However, the project is far from being finalized and may be mostly residential. Image courtesy of HAF Group

Plans for the Vista Croix riverside development in Prescott continue to change as developers determine what is best for the area.

Robert Campbell, business advisor to Riverboat Properties, LLC (who own the property), has been assisting Riverboat Properties since 2011.

"The original plan for the property was a mixed use building including condominium units, restaurant and banquet/event space as well as onsite parking," Campbell said. "Market conditions have dictated a new approach that is primarily or completely residential with onsite parking."

As part of this project, the developer demolished the old Steamboat Inn on the property.

"Both the owners of the property and the city of Prescott determined it was in everyone's best interest to demolish the rundown building that occupied the property," Campbell said. "The city of Prescott had funds available for that purpose and accounted for approximately 30 percent ($25,000 of the $77,000) of the cost of demolition. The city of Prescott was granted a mortgage on the property to secure those funds."

Prescott City Administrator Jayne Brand said in October 2015 the city of Prescott granted $25,000 for the demolition of the Steamboat Inn. At that time there was agreement, Brand said, that if nothing was happening on the site in three years the $25,000 would have to be repaid. However, Brand said the city council may be flexible on this.

"I'm sure the council will work with them if it is past the three years if they are working on a project," Brand said.

Right now, Campbell said a feasibility study has been done and they haven't set up a timeline for project completion.

"At this time an updated feasibility study, that was completed last month, is being reviewed by both the city of Prescott and Riverboat Properties, LLC," Campbell said. "Future discussions between Riverboat Properties, the staff and elected officials of Prescott and potential business associates are continuing."

Campbell said some work has already been done on the property to get it ready for the future.

"Riverboat Properties has made significant investments in this unique property," Campbell said. "We have worked extensively with the Wisconsin DNR, Wisconsin DOT, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation as well as the City of Prescott officials and staff. Soil testing, environmental testing, traffic studies, and building design that conforms to all city, state and federal codes are in place. The ownership partners continue to pursue the best use for this property, one that will be economically feasible and provide a very positive contribution to Prescott."