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General Store brings people to Grandma's house

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Alan Nugent, one of the owners of Stockholm Pie and General Store and Abode Gallery, said their new general store is meant to remind people of grandma's house. The General Store is in the same building as Abode Gallery (pictured) and Stockholm Pie. Sara Tischauser / RiverTown Multimedia2 / 3
The new Stockholm General Store features a variety of chocolates for customers to enjoy. Sara Tischauser / RiverTown Multimedia3 / 3

Bringing the feel of grandma's house is exactly what the owners wanted to do when they added a general store to the existing Stockholm Pie Company.

On Jan. 27, Alan Nugent, one of the owners of Stockholm Pie and General Store, said they opened the general store portion of the business; preparations began last April. Nugent said they started looking at what items they wanted to sell and how to get the space ready.

The General Store is located between Stockholm Pie and Adobe Gallery, all in one building. Customers can go from one section to the other and take in what is all available.

Stockholm Pie started when Nugent told his sister, Janet Garretson (also part owner of the business), that her pies were good enough to sell.

"I had no idea she did this," Nugent said about his sister making pies. "She had apple dumpling pie. [I] joked that we could sell this."

The idea formed to start a weekend pie store. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of Stockholm Pie. Nugent said they have been surprised by how many people have come to buy the homemade pies. While customers were getting pies, Nugent said the owners (Nugent, Garretson and Steve Grams) and staff couldn't help but overhear from customers how much the pies reminded everyone of grandma's house.

"Pie isn't just pie," Nugent said. "Pie is grandma's house. Pie is nostalgia."

So with this idea, Nugent said they built on the idea of their business being like a visit to grandma's house.

"We wanted it to feel like stepping back in time to grandma's house," Nugent said. "Make you giggle, bring back happy times."

Nugent said they put a lot of thought into how to make the General Store feel like grandma's house. He said they tried finding items on which to display their products that would bring people back to the past. They even used an old cook stove for displays and other vintage tables they found in the past year.

As for merchandise, Nugent said his memories helped him pick out what they wanted.

"A lot of stuff is what I remember as a kid," Nugent said. "What I remember from my grandma's."

The store boasts a toy section featuring old favorites such sa slinkies, silly putty and Little Golden Books that he remembers enjoying from his childhood.

They also carry an entire line of Watkin's products, "farmhouse feel decor," some Cannon River Kitchen items, aprons, Stockholm shirts and mugs, and chocolates, just to name a few. He said they will continue to change and brings more items in.

Being in Stockholm gives them an opportunity to have a variety of customers from all over, Nugent said.

"Stockholm is such a major destination in season," Nugent said. "Tons of people love the drive, come for the day. It [Stockholm] really is a special place."

While the General Store is open now, Nugent said they will hold a grand opening May 5 which will not only celebrate the new General Store, but also the 10th anniversary of Stockholm Pie.

Some customers may remember a previous general store with Stockholm Pie that sold local cheeses, wines and beers, but these items are no longer part of the general store; however, they're still available at Stockholm Pie. Nugent said they also hope to expand the products at Stockholm Pie to include more day-to-day items local people may want or need.

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