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New pizza place offers homemade pizza, relaxing atmosphere

Mike Truttman, co-owner of Papa Tronnio's (now with a location in Ellsworth) said they have free arcade games for kids and even adults to enjoy while they wait for their homemade pizzas. Sara Tischauser / RiverTown Multimedia

Homemade pizza, craft beer, wine, arcade video games and a relaxing atmosphere are some of the features of the new Papa Tronnio's in Ellsworth.

Mike Truttman, co-owner of Papa Tronnio's (also known as Papa T's) said they are still using the original recipes from the Papa Tronnio's that he and co-owner Tim Murphy received when they purchased the original Papa T's in Prescott 4.5 years ago.

When the owners of Papa Tronnio's in Prescott were selling the business they had had for more than 40 years, Truttman said it was the opportunity he and Murphy were looking for. Buying the existing business made start up a lot easier.

"It made life a lot easier [with] an established name," Truttman said. "Food was always good."

Living in Ellsworth for the past 15 years with his family, Truttman said he thought Ellsworth would benefit from a family friendly pizza place.

"I thought Papa T's business model would work in Ellsworth," Truttman said.

One of the family friendly features of Papa Tronnio's is the "old school" arcade games, Truttman said. These games are free to play and offer something for children and even adults to enjoy.

"[Arcade games] keep kids busy while we're making homemade pizza," Truttman said. "I see a lot of families, kids playing video games."

Truttman said they have a wide range of beer and wine selections for people to choose from. The hope, he said, is that families can come in and just relax.

"Adults can have a beer and good atmosphere for kids," Truttman said.

So far, Truttman said the Ellsworth community has been supportive of the business.

"They've [the people of Ellsworth] been incredibly accepting," Truttman said. "From the get go we've been very, very busy. Been a pleasure so far."

Truttman worked with the area schools to obtain school memorabilia to decorate the pizza parlor. He said it was nice to be able to work with the school to get jerseys and helmets to set up.

Originally, Truttman said he was unsure if the Ellsworth location (formerly Pop's Malt Shop) they are now in would work. He was worried about the kitchen being in the basement. But he said when he looked at the building and the big kitchen he decided it could work for them. They have a dumbwaiter to send food up from the kitchen but during busy times this isn't always enough.

"When it's busy we have to have runners, have to stay in shape," Truttman joked.

He said they take pride in taking the time and effort to make homemade pizza.

"The original recipes were brought with from Prescott," Truttman said of their pizza. "Homemade sauce, homemade dough. Ground pork is from Ptacek's and we season in house. A lot of work but it makes good pizza."

He said they also make their own shake for the broasted chicken. In addition to broasted chicken, they have nine flavors of wings; on Tuesdays wings are 50 cents and buckets of beer are $12.

As for the future, Truttman said they hope to extend their hours and add a delivery option for the Ellsworth area. Papa Tronnio's is open Tuesday-Sunday 4-9 p.m. You can reach them at 715-273-3000.