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VILLAGE OF ELLSWORTH: 9/10/18 Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, October 8, 2018 - 11:21pm

Pres. Pro-tem Kenny Manfred called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., in the absence of Pres. DeWolfe, in the Board Room located in Village Hall.
Members present: Trustees Dick Hines; Curt Wandmacher; Michael J. Steele; Neil Gulbranson
Staff present: Clerk/Treas., Peggy Nelson; PWD/Zoning Adm., Greg Engeset; Police Chief, Eric Ladwig; Library Director, Tiffany Meyer
Others present: Attorney Robert Loberg, Dale Auckland, Karen Meyer, Paul Bauer, Jennifer Thatcher; P.C. Herald, Katie Davidson; Pamela Enger, Becky Beissel, Kim Beebe
Approval of minutes:
MSC Hines/Gulbranson to accept minutes of regular meeting 8/6/18 as submitted. Unanimous.
Approval of bills:
MSC Wandmacher/Steele to approve payment of vouchers submitted for audit to date. Unanimous.
#33859, 33902-33937, 33969-33998, auto and P-card payments
General fund - $ 45,104.72
Water fund - 31,368.65
Sewer fund - 14,205.93
Public comment on non-agenda items:
Jennifer Thatcher - Hunger Prevention Council of P.C. request for Village letter of support for the purchase of property located at 440 N. Maple St.:
MSC Gulbranson/Steele to approve a letter of support to the P.C. Hunger Prevention Council, acknowledging their service to the community, a requirement of a USDA loan they are applying for, for purchase of the property. Unanimous.
Kim Beebe - Ellsworth Area Chamber address board on "Design Ellsworth":
Kim addressed the board updating them on the upcoming 3 day visit by a team of expert volunteers, including city planners, architects, graphics designers and others that will be coming to Ellsworth Oct. 18-20, to assist in visualizing the future of the community. Cost is $10,000, with the Chamber approaching their goal of $5000 and proceeds from the Cheese Curd Festival allow the Chamber to take this project on. Participation from board members, senior citizens, youth of all ages and the community, residents in and outside of Ellsworth, can take part in, which is very important in this process. Ideas and insight of the future of the community will be achieved through a series of meetings, activities, and a community workshop/ dinner. A community survey is being conducted as part of the project to gain important feedback on the community wants and needs.
Key Benefit Concepts, LLC - Post Employment Valuation update proposal required in 2018 ($2575):
MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to accept proposal. Unanimous.
Adopt Resolution #2018-07 amending the 2018 Budget, $200 transfer from Cable TV Funds for 2018 Senior Grad Nite donation approved 1/8/18:
MSC Steele/Hines to adopt. Unanimous.
Adopt Ordinance #668; ordinance amending Section 7.05(7)(a)(b) 48 hr. parking restriction:
MSC Gulbranson/Steele to adopt with pubic property in line 5 changed to Village of Ellsworth property. Unanimous. Enforcement of ordinance was discussed with Chief Ladwig.
Adopt Resolution #2018-08 Strategic Transportation Aids:
MSC Wandmacher/Hines to adopt. Unanimous.
Approve Regular Operator License for Savanna Kenall, Blake Shilts, Kaitlyn Montagne, Tara Pabst, Savanna George:
MSC Hines/Wandmacher to approve. Unanimous.
Board of Appeals: 8/15 Trustee Kenny Manfred
McGrath Properties LLC, N5156 County Rd C (ETZ area), 15' rear-yard variance request, meeting was recessed with more information needed on a front-yard variance. Next meeting 9/19, 7 p.m.
Water & Sewer: 8/20 Trustee Curt Wandmacher
Generator purchase ($64,500):
MSC Wandmacher/Steele to approve purchase from Fabick Cat, to be paid 80% by Water Fund and 20% by Sewer Fund. Unanimous.
Lining of sewer mains ($23,392):
MSC Wandmacher/Steele to approve lining of main lines at Hillcrest St. – Plum/Park Streets, Warner St. – Plum/Chestnut Streets, to be paid out of Sewer Fund. Unanimous.
Street & Sidewalk: 9/4 Trustee Kenny Manfred
MSC Manfred/Gulbranson to approve 2019 street work as follows: Unanimous.
N Terrace Ave. – grind/relay $52, 000 with storm sewer questionable
Humble Ave. – grind/relay $37,800
Summit Ave. (Beulah St. east) sealcoat $33,600
Crest Lane – sealcoat $25,700
Salary & Labor: 9/4 Trustee Neil Gulbranson
Personnel Handbook termination and departure language:
MSC Gulbranson/Steele to approve language to handbook pending wording approval from Att. Steve Weld. Unanimous.
Police Department Administrative Asst. hours:
MSC to approve Chief Ladwig’ s request to set hours to 30 hrs. per week with pro-rated benefits of
longevity, sick leave, vacation and holidays to start 10/1/18. Unanimous.
Part-time Clerk-Treas. Office Asst. wage/benefits:
MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to approve 24 hrs. per week at $15 per hr. with pro-rated benefits of longevity, sick leave, vacation and holidays. Review at end of year 2018 and in 6 months of start date of 9/4/18. Unanimous.
Parks, Recreation, Development/Finance, Purchasing, Buildings: 8/20 Trustee Michael J. Steele
Skateboard Park designation in Summit Park:
MSC Steele/Gulbranson to designate the northwest volleyball court as the area for the Skateboard Park if funds are raised. Unanimous.
Dar-Ray wellhouse lot (Take bids):
MSC Steele/Hines to put lot up for bids with a minimum price of $5000 plus closing costs. Lot sold as is. Village reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids. Unanimous.
Finance, Purchasing, Buildings: Trustee Curt Wandmacher
8/14 - 2018/19 equipment upgrades/purchases, PWD Engeset is negotiating on a new grader.
Discussed borrowing $350,000-$500,000 for building and upgrades or purchases of new equipment.
9/5 - Reported on a meeting with Menomonie City Administrator & PWD at Menomonie City Hall to discuss borrowing for equipment and capital projects. Notes have a better interest rate than bonds and less paperwork. Menomonie uses a 2-year plan for borrowing funds, this cuts down on the overhead cost of borrowing each year. They pay back the notes over 10-years. The payments are added above the tax levy limit set by the state.
Set meeting dates for 2019 Budget Sept. 18 & 26, 5 p.m.
Public Safety:
7/17/18 Ambulance Operating Committee (Minutes on file in Clerk's Office)
Minutes reflected approval of an increase per capita for 2019 to $24.
Department Head Reports:
Police Chief: (Written report on file)
-Presented an August report of calls for service showing officers responded to 302 calls.
-$12,000 hail damage on 3 squad cars
PWD/Zoning Administrator: (Written report on file)
-Completed sealcoating on S. Piety St., S. Maple St. and Panther Dr. Beulah St. scheduled for week of 9/17
-Raised/lowered several manhole frames and valve boxes
-Installing new shingles on one of shelters in Summit park
-Request from Northern Natural Gas for road closure on Railroad Ave. for 2-3 days
-Tim Rundle, 2nd new employee started 9/10
-Rich Harris last day 9/14 after 34 years of service
Trustee Curt Wandmacher gave hats off to Greg's crew for having all A's on Village Sewer Plant Report
Library Director: Written report submitted
Knit & Natter – open knitting group meeting 1st Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. starting Sep. 6
The Monarch Project – pop-up citizen science event in partnership with Amy Miller to tag monarchs migrating through the area as part of the Monarch Project. Tuesday, Sep. 11 at 4 p.m.
Artist Trading Cards: Literacy & Library Love – Saturday workshop focusing on miniature works of
library-related art to be exchanged with participants from libraries across the country. Saturday, Sep. 22 from 10:30 a.m. to noon.
MSC Hines/Steele to adjourn the meeting at 8:04 p.m. Unanimous.
Respectfully submitted,
Peggy A. Nelson-Clerk
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