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VILLAGE OF ELLSWORTH: 3/4/19 Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 6:09pm

Pres. Gerald DeWolfe called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room located in Village Hall.
Members Present: Trustee Rick Sweig, Dick Hines, Neil Gulbranson; Curt Wandmacher; Michael J. Steele
Members Absent: Trustee Kenny Manfred
Staff Present: Clerk/Treas., Peggy Nelson; Police Chief, Eric Ladwig; Library Director, Tiffany Meyer
Others Present: P.C. Herald Rachel Helgeson, Attorney Lars Loberg and several others (List on file)
MSC Hines/Sweig to accept minutes of 2/4/19 as submitted. Unanimous.
MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to approve payment of vouchers submitted for audit to date. Unanimous.
#34693-34710, 34741-34771, 34800-34807, auto and P-card payments
General Fund - $1,670,641.09
Water Fund -15,815.06
Sewer Fund - 22,249.75
Public comment on non-agenda items:
Kim Beebe, member of the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce executive team, addressed the board informing them of the 2018 EDC Cornerstone Award presented to the Chamber at the PCEDC Award Breakfast on February 26th. The award recognizes extraordinary contributions to furthering economic development in Pierce County, contributing the award to Chamber members, Ellsworth Village Board, volunteers and sponsors who make the Ellsworth Cheese Curd Festival and Design Ellsworth initiatives possible.
Trustee Steele commented on the condition of Hwy 10, questioning what can be done.
Adopt Resolution 2019-03 creating the Community Development Authority of the Village of Ellsworth:
Trustee Gulbranson stated that the sentence in the By-Laws stating Expenditure of any funds in excess of $10,000 bothered him, requesting that the dollar amount be lowered or eliminated. Discussion held.
MSC Steele/Wandmacher to adopt with the change on the first page of the By-Laws and Rules of Procedure Section 2 (d) to remove wording in excess of $10,000. Unanimous.
Adopt Resolution 2019-01 approving legislative action to expressly authorize the Department of Transportation to issue a permit that allows the West Central WI Biosolids Facility to haul biosolids in excess of statutory limits:
MSC Steele/Wandmacher to adopt. Unanimous.
Adopt Resolution 2019-02 directing Village Clerk to give notification of General Records Schedule adoption to the State Archivist:
MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to adopt. Unanimous.
Adopt Ordinance #672 amending Section 12.05(2)(s) and 12.06 (4)(f) of the Municipal Code, wording clean-up:
MSC Hines/Sweig to adopt. Unanimous.
Approve Regular Operator License for Marissa Deiss:
MSC Hines/Sweig to grant license. Unanimous.
Approve Amendment No. 1 to Agreement effective 3/6/17 between Village and CBS Squared, Inc. for Professional Services (Dar-Ray Project):
MSC Gulbranson/Steele to approve. Unanimous.
Acknowledge retiree Richard Harris:
Not in attendance
Conditional Use Permit renewal ETZ area, Dr. Tia Sampair, BovEq Veterinary Services LLC, W6579 570th Ave. Town of Ellsworth:
MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to approve indefinite to Dr. Tia Sampair, BovEq Veterinary Services LLC. Unanimous.
Plan Commission: Trustee Rick Sweig
2/13: 2017 changes to WI Stats. 62.23(7) concerning granting or denial of Conditional Use Permits, revisions to Zoning Ordinance. Next meeting scheduled for 3/18 to finalize changes, recommendation to board 4/1
2/18: Balazi LLC, 358 W. Main St., approval of a Special Use Permit to continue, allow residential use in the upper level of the building in a Commercial District:
MSC Sweig/Wandmacher to approve. Unanimous.
Brem LLC, 334 N. Beulah St., approval of a Conditional Use Permit to allow for a second unattached garage where the principal dwelling has an attached garage:
MSC Sweig/Hines to approve. Unanimous.
Salary and Labor:
Accept resignation/retirement letter from Dawn Schulte effective May 3rd:
MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to accept. Unanimous.
Set meeting date for March 11, 5 p.m.
Finance, Purchasing, Building: Trustee Curt Wandmacher
2/6: Committee met with Mayo Clinic Health System leadership. Discussed pharmacies, Hudson building plans, medical technology, same day appointments and vending machine for medicines. Mayo's goal is to keep clinic in Ellsworth open, no staffing issues currently, some struggles in special areas. Ambulance service was discussed. Since the meeting Clerk Nelson advised that she was notified that they cannot come across state line with their vending machine.
2/11: Approve 2-year land lease agreement renewal with O'Neil Farms Inc, and Hines Ranch Inc.:
MSC Wandmacher/Gulbranson to approve renewal with terms the same. Unanimous
Preferred Builders, request to lower Building Permit fees for 10 spec houses:
Fees to be reviewed from other surrounding communities, Clerk Nelson to report back to Finance Committee on 2/20 for recommendation to board on March 4th.
Approve designation of Cairns Woods timber sale monies in the amount of $13,463 to be earmarked for new Welcome to Ellsworth signs:
MSC Steele/Gulbranson to approve. Unanimous.
2/20: Approve 2019 Cheese Curd Festival sponsorship donation in the amount of $1000, same as 2018. to come out of Cable TV Fund with a 2019 Budget amendment:
MSC Wandmacher/Sweig to approve. Unanimous.
Chief Ladwig to bring back to committee more information on a County squad vehicle for sale.
Approve waiving all Impact Fees effective retro to 1/1/19 until 12/31/19 for all new construction, to be reviewed Dec. 2019:
MSC Steele/Hines to approve. Unanimous.
Adopt Ordinance #674 amending Section 16.015(1) of the Municipal Code to waive all Impact Fees effective 1/1/19-12/31/19:
MSC Gulbranson/Wandmacher to adopt. Unanimous.
Health, License, Welfare: 3/4 Trustee Rick Sweig
Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce Street Use Permit application for Cheese Curd Festival 6/20/19 -6/23/19:
MSC Sweig/Gulbranson to approve. Unanimous.
Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce Temporary Class "B" Retailer's License to sell fermented malt beverages and wine for Cheese Curd Festival 6/21/19 - 6/22/19:
MSC Sweig/Wandmacher to grant license allowing 20 and under on the premise. Unanimous.
Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce Special Event Dance License application for Cheese Curd Festival 6/20/19 - 6/23/19:
MSC Sweig/Gulbranson to approve. Unanimous.
"Class B" Retailer's License & Dance License 3/5-6/30, 2019
Monday Night Mistress LLC, DBA Eastender, 252 N. Broadway St.:
MSC Sweig/Hines to approve "Class B" license and Dance License for 3/5/19-6/30/19, to add to premise description lower level (basement area) and a 20x30 ft. grassy area east of lower level entrance for bean bag tournaments, area required to be fenced in temporary when used. Unanimous.
Department Head Reports:
Chief of Police:
Accept resignation of Part-time Officer Jacob Kern effective 2/14:
MSC Steele/Wandmacher to accept resignation. Unanimous.
2018 Annual Report: (On file)
Total calls for service 3,341, down from 2017
Trustee Curt Wandmacher requested a breakdown on traffic stops.
Feb. 2019 report:
264 calls for service.
Still looking for part-time officers.
Public Works Director/Zoning Administrator: Absent (submitted written report)
-Snow blower broke down twice, down 1 day, repair costs $3,200
-Grader slides on wing wore out, down a day repair cost $500
-With all the snow, costs not only for labor but fuel cost
-3 water leaks in the past 30 days, frost raising curb boxes and breaking off water lines
-Hired Pierce County with dozer to push up snow in County lot to make room for more
-Two new employees have successfully completed their 6 months of employment
Board members commented on the good job the PWD is doing on snow removal.
Clerk-Treas: submitted a written report
-CDBG housing program; as of January 31st, there is a balance of $55,777.36 in the Village of Ellsworth's Revolving Loan Fund, working on getting info out, on our website, Facebook page, utility bill message, posting flyers, etc., to let Village residents know we have monies to loan out for home improvements.
-April 2nd Election; absentee voting in Clerk's Office starts 3/13
-New revised Village website, more user friendly
-Curt Wandmacher and myself attended the PCEDC Awards Breakfast in Prescott 2/26 (Ptacek's Event Center)
Library Director: submitted a written report
-Ellsworth Public Library Policy completely revised and approved by library board Feb. 26, 2019
-List of building projects for 2019
-Library partnership with Wisconsin Health Literacy offered Health Online program to teach people how to find reliable sources of health-related information, 17 attended which has been the largest group in Wisconsin so far
MSC Hines/Steele, 7:50 p.m. Unanimous.
Respectfully submitted,
Peggy A. Nelson-Clerk
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