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VILLAGE OF ELLSWORTH: 2019-20 Liquor License Renewals

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - 6:09pm

Notice is hereby given that the following establishments have submitted application for renewal of their license to operate in the Village of Ellsworth for the sale of intoxicating liquor and/or fermented malt beverages for the period beginning July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

Class "A":
Indianhead Oil Co., LLC,
dba Holiday Stationstore #481, 456 W. Main St.
Agent Alexandra M. Cole
Northern Tier Retail, LLC,
dba SuperAmerica #4241, 176 W. Main St.
Agent - Ashley Tolzmann

"Class A":
DS Liquor, 280 N. Maple St.
Agent - Daniel L. Hanson
Countryside Cooperative, dba Countryside Cooperative
Ellsworth Cenex, 610 E. Main St.
Agent - Amanda Brenner
Nil9Ventures, Inc., dba Nilssens Foods, 157 E. Main St.
Agent - Jason E. Nilssen
Freedom Valu Centers, Inc.,
dba Freedom Value Center #79, 101 N. Maple St.
Agent Kari Lacy
Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, 232 N. Wallace St.
Agent - Paul Bauer
Village Discount Liquor & More, 469 W. Main St.
Agent Joshua L. Wolfgram

"Class B":
Snowball's Bar, 463 E. Wall St.
Owner Sina L. Hill
Jama Investments, LLC,
dba Cedric's Grill & Tap, 305 W. Main St.
Agent John Eisenmann
Kinne-Engelhart American Legion Post 204,
139 S. Oak St.
Agent - James Delamater
Monday Night Mistress, LLC
dba Niki's Eastender, 252 N. Broadway St.
Agent Spencer Daniels
SDF Services, Inc. dba Just Ka's, 325 W. Main St.
Agent - Scott Furlong
21 Plus Inc., dba Broz Bar, 455 E. Wall St.
Agent - Jason Marks
Danny Dunns LLC, 265 N. Broadway St.
Agent - Randall J. Hendrickson
Century Saloon LLC, dba Century Saloon, 324 W. Main St.
Agent - Jason L. McGrath
Common Man Brewing Inc.,
dba Common Man Tap & Table, 193 E. Main St.
Agent - Russell J. Korpela

Class "B":
Pierce County VFW Post 9060, 154 S. Plum St.
Agent - Naomi J. Estes

Submitted by:
Peggy A. Nelson, Village Clerk
___________________________________ (Pub. 05/15/19) WNAXLP