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PIERCE COUNTY: 5/28/19 County Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 6:09pm

Tuesday, May 28, 2019
7 p.m. Courthouse County Board Room, 414 W. Main St., Ellsworth, WI
AGENDA: 1. Call to order;
2. Roll Call; 2a. Establish Quorum, 2b. Adopt Agenda; 3. Pledge of Allegiance; 4. Public comment: no action will be taken; 5. Purchase of Highway Dept. equip: Sign Truck body; 6. Election of committees: Land Mgt.
(Citizen members); 7. Resolutions for consideration: First reading: 7a) Res. 19-02
Memorial to Daniel McCardle*; 7b) Res.19-03 Approve Fee Increase for Commercial Drivers' License Testing Program; 7c) Res.19-04 Amend Wages for Sheriff's Office Temp Employees; 7d) Res.19-05 Amend Land Management Dept. Fee Schedule;
8. Resolutions for consideration: Second reading: None; 9. Ordinances for consideration: First reading: None;
10. Ordinances for consideration: Second reading: None; 11. Appointments: 11a) Board of Adjustment: Lee Wright-Town of Ellsworth, Ross Christopherson-Town of
Gilman, Kenneth Peterson-Town of Trimbelle, 3 year terms through June 2022; 11b) Land Information
Council: Steve Albarado; through April 2020; 11c) SWM Board: Jim Kleinhans - 2 yr. term; Nate Hagens - 3 yr. term; Donald Jones - 3 yr. term; (Citizen Members);
12. Future agenda items;
13. Next meeting: June 25, 2019; 7 p.m.; 14. Adjourn.
*Adoption permitted on First Reading
Questions regarding this agenda may be made to Jamie Feuerhelm at 715-273-6744.
(Pub. 05/22/19) WNAXLP