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Jorgenson awarded SV EMS Person of the Year

Brad Jorgenson recently received the 2017 EMS Person Of the Year from the Spring Valley EMS. Submitted photo He is pictured with other EMTS on the Spring Valley EMS, including (from left) Erika Hybben and Wendy Pocock. Submitted photo

SPRING VALLEY - Being on the ambulance service was just something one Spring Valley man said he knew he would grow up to do. From an early age Brad Jorgenson knew he wanted to serve the community just as both his parents were doing.

Recently, Spring Valley Emergency Medical Service (EMS) honored Jorgenson for his contributions to the service and community with the 2017 EMS Person of the Year Award.

"I am beyond honored to have received the 2017 EMS Person of the Year Award from Spring Valley Area Ambulance," Jorgenson said. "I do this job because [of] each of them and the family that we are."

Growing up, Jorgenson admired the example set by his father, Tod Jorgenson, who joined as an emergency medical responder (EMR) in 200, became an emergency medical technician (EMT) and is serving as director of the Spring Valley EMS. His mom, Mel Jorgenson, also joined the SVEMS as an EMT when Jorgenson was 7 years old.

"Through their dedication over the years I was able to see the difference they made helping others in their worst moments working as a team and truly found it to be inspiring and something I wanted to contribute and be a part of," Jorgenson said.

Jorgenson has been with SVEMS for five years and is currently the assistant director. In that role, Jorgenson has added responsibilities in the EMS.

"Added roles would include acting as a liaison for our department with surrounding community programs and committees," Jorgenson said. "The assistant director takes a command role for EMS scenes in the absence of the director and assists in making decisions for general operations."

Being there for fellow community members is something Jorgenson takes seriously. He said to use his education and profession to help someone when they are at their worst and help make the outcome better is his reward for being on the EMS.

"When you're able to see someone breathe again or see them wake up after working vigorously as a team you know you're doing something good," Jorgenson said. "In bad times, it's being that 'shoulder' for their loved ones and answering their questions to the best of our ability."

As part of the Spring Valley community, Jorgenson believes being a recognizable face when someone is in need can help in a difficult situation.

"I cannot begin to stress the importance of local people joining EMS," Jorgenson said. "It not only provides a familiar face during crisis to calm someone, but allows them and you to see we're everyday people."

Over the years, the EMS has gone through many changes, Jorgenson said. Technology advancements have led to changes in reporting software, education and dispatching tools. Also, they have seen changes in the amount of community outreach programs available and have implemented American Heart Association CPR/First Aid, Critical Incident Stress Debriefers and other programs to help "educate our community and surroundings on EMS and healthcare."

In addition to serving on the EMS, Jorgenson is also employed full time at UW-Stout as an Operations Program Associate for the Police Department. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family and friends.

Jorgenson said he wants to continue to serve Spring Valley as it is his home.

"I was born and raised in Spring Valley and believe it will be my forever home," Jorgenson said.