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Plum City fifth graders exemplify Earth Day

Plum City fifth graders received Earth Day lesson April 23. Pictured are (front row, from left) Carolyn Trannel, Alyse Hanson, (sitting) Shamira Nunez, Alliyah Hansey, Makya Kannel, Evan George, Dylan Zeilinger; (back row) Angela Berger, Keely Baum, Luke Bataglia, Victor Plasencia, Rusty Rics, Timothy Bechel, Jacob Stele, Daisy Gonzalez, Ryan Schultz, Magnus Lukic; (middle row) Eric Williams, Sean Sagini, and Jack Bechel. Photo courtesy of Judi Brunner

On Monday, April 23, Master Gardeners Sherry Gilles and Judi Brunner celebrated Earth Day with Plum City Elementary fifth graders along with teacher, Angela Berger and Plum City Public Library employee, Jill Bishop.

Gilles gave a short talk on the meaning of Earth Day and information about littering and taking care of the environment. One of the students noted that it takes thousands of years for

plastic to decompose and it never does completely.

We divided into four groups and each picked an area near the library, school and a rain garden across the street to clean up foliage from last year's growth and trash. When students were asked why we leave the dead foliage and seeds from last year, they knew that the birds eat the seeds over the winter. It's important to completely uncover all the new growth early in the year, as it may still freeze.

The students all pitched in to help and were rewarded with a treat at the Bittersweet Bakery from Plum City Library.