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Photos: Plum City folks have an Irish good time

Fudd Fedie thought maybe he'd be "incognito" wearing his leprechaun beard. No such luck! Submitted photo1 / 6
Green beer kept everyone having a good time including our own Alvin Bergmark. Submitted photo2 / 6
Alice Girard couldn't stop the giggles after putting on her leprechaun hat. Submitted photo3 / 6
Plum City Care Center staff found Irene Converse sporting a green feather boa to match her cute derby hat. Submitted photo4 / 6
Kris Polzer and Kelly VonHoltum joined their mother, Bea Anderson for the Plum City Care Center's annual St. Patrick's Day party. Submitted photo5 / 6
Pearl Bjork had fun with this super sized inflatable hat at the Plum City Care Center St. Patrick's Day bash. Submitted photo6 / 6

Irish or not, the residents at Plum City Care Center had a ball celebrating St. Patrick's Day with green beer, feather boas, beards, leprechaun wear and even inflatable hats.

Scroll through photos from the event above.