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St. Francis students know how to persevere

Kindergarten through fifth grade students at St. Francis School in Ellsworth who received a Virtue Award on April 24 for exhibiting perseverance included Sawyer Francis, Aaron Reister, Sophia Oricchio, Max Olson, Vincent Oricchio and Alexis Marks. Photo courtesy of St. Francis School 1 / 2
4YK student Nathaniel Huppert was caught showing the character trait of perseverance at St. Francis School in April. Photo courtesy of St. Francis School2 / 2

During the month of April, students at St. Francis Catholic School in Ellsworth were focused on persevering. And, after their 11th snow day, everyone at St. Francis has been very perseverant in order to catch up on much missed school work! Being perseverant means that you keep trying, even when things get tough.