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'Jack and the Beanstalk' is a hit

Pictured are members of St. Francis’ fifth grade class who performed “Jack and the Beanstalk,” including Gavin Puhrmann, Sam Hines, Delaney Johnson, Nolan Kummer, Lillie Rewolinski, Austin Peterson, Noat Matzek, Lily Vesely and Karli Gutting. The play was directed by KayLee Penton. Photo courtesy of St. Francis School

"Jack and the Beanstalk" delighted two audiences Thursday, Feb. 22 at St. Francis Catholic School in Ellsworth. The fifth grade class performed the classic with a great deal of humor for their fellow students, teachers, family and friends.

Gavin Puhrmann as "Jack" had the audience in stitches with his amazing facial expressions and running technique. "Giant" Sam Hines gained many laughs when he toppled to the ground after the beanstalk he was on got chopped down.

Director KayLee Penton summed it up saying: "That was probably the funniest folk tale that's ever been done. A lot of them are heavy tales of cultural woe or origin stories. I loved hearing the kids laugh so genuinely. These little tales the fifth grade does are so important to keep the hands-on and community experience of theater (and life) vital in our culture today. So much of that is being lost to the digital world."

The tale was narrated by Delaney Johnson and musicians Nolan Kummer, Lillie Rewolinski, Austin Peterson, Noah Matzek, Lily Vesely, and Karli Gutting didn't miss a note.