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Becky Norton for City Council

It is my pleasure to support the election of Becky Norton to the Red Wing City Council in the special election on Tuesday, August 14. Having worked as a substitute teacher in Beckys classroom as well as in other classrooms in the same building, I have come to appreciate her work ethic, dedication to the service of others, and her no nonsense approach to fulfilling her responsibilities. Becky Norton and I also serve on the Red Wing Sustainability Commission. In that capacity, she is committed to the protection and preservation of our natural resources and also seeks valid and pertinent information to guide her decision making. As a member of the Red Wing City Council for Ward 3, Becky will continually seek input from citizens in a nonpartisan manner to provide them the best quality service with the smallest tax bill possible. Becky Norton will work tirelessly to move the City of Red Wing forward while protecting our unique historical legacy and our natural resources for future generations.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.