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Support Ernest Stone:

I encourage Red Wing residents of Ward 4 to vote for Ernie Stone to be your council representative.

As a resident and home owner of Red Wing since the 1970s I have followed city issues closely over the years. Well over a decade ago I met Ernie Stone at a meeting of the Hiawatha Toastmasters leadership club.

On many occasions I have seen Ernie go, (above and beyond) working hard behind the scenes at charitable and civic events to the benefit of others.

Over the years I listened to Ernie present competently on wide ranging civic topics. He also provides encouraging feedback to others. I learned Ernie has many qualities that a City Council representative should have. Ernie has a rare gift of being a good and respectful listener. He also will ask detailed questions to learn more about a topic. Ernie is inclusive he seeks to understand other points of view.

When Ernie takes a position on a matter before him it will be a strong position based on, listening, research and reason. Ernie will be very prudent with the spending of tax payer dollars.

A man with a quick wit and a warm heart. Ward 4 residents I encourage you talk with and vote for, Mr. Ernie Stone.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.