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Vote YES

In thinking about voting for the school operating funds, I encourage you to think about the following scenario. If these questions do not pass on Nov. 6, this leaves us with a subpar school district. We could vote No and just float along and graduate partially prepared graduates. If we do not provide as much in curriculum and programs to attract and graduate successful students, then our whole town goes down hill. The academic offerings need to keep up with our changing world and employer's needs. Without extra curricular activities, many children get into trouble. It is necessary to offer healthy options for kids to learn social skills outside the classroom-employers love folks who can get along on the job! Ice Skating and Swimming activities have done so much for many children. Those are on the docket to be cut.

Time would tell the tale. Eventually young families would NOT move to Red Wing to raise their children here. Realtors will tell you the question they are asked often in showing a home to young parents considering moving here is,"CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEM?" The trickle down effect of Negative votes is that the entire town suffers. You have less people, less taxpayers, businesses fold, clubs, organizations and activities all die off and then you have a bad reputation. We would lose great teachers, good leaders and many educated folks who could help our city by living here.

My household operates on a modest income. I can do without a restaurant meal every week, and cut out other outings to help this great school system we have continue. I am grateful for what our school staff did when my kids went here. Please join me in doing your part to keep Red Wing Schools SOARING and to keep this beautiful city alive and well. Vote YES on BOTH referendum questions. Together, we can give our future leaders and employers a great start on careers. It will in turn give us a great city to live in.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.