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Paul Gielau for Sheriff

In a recent letter to the editor, October 19, 2018, Scott Reps wrote that I wasn't a "gogetter" and "skated" throughout my career as a cop. I personally disagree with the writer's characterization of the twenty years I patrolled and protected the citizens of Goodhue County while assigned to the Patrol Division. Thirteen of those years I was a Patrol Sergeant. I looked up some performance reviews during this time to see what my supervisors wrote in yearly evaluations. In 1995 when I was promoted to Sergeant by Sheriff Wipperling, Patrol Major Doug Klatt wrote, "Paul has shown exemplary work in all areas. Paul has proven his interest in the Department time and again by taking on projects, volunteering when needed and offering good advice when situations come up that require something to be done. Paul is definitely a self-starter and isn't personally satisfied until the job is done. Paul is doing an excellent job and it would be difficult to pinpoint any area of needed improvement. A real strength for Paul is his knowledge of the people throughout the County." In 2007 Major Lyle Lorenson wrote, "Paul's work performance as a supervisor is second to none. Paul sets a good example for the younger deputies and is a positive leader for them." Sheriff Dean Albers wrote in 2007, "Paul is one of the best employees and supervisors. He makes this Office look good every day."

The writer also wrote that I had been handed every position based on the Good Old Boys Club. During my thirty-three career at the Sheriff's Office I have been promoted by former Sheriff's Forest Wipperling, Dean Albers, and Scott McNurlin and I find it appalling that while not written he must also be concluding that they all made horrible decisions in the promotion process. It is incomprehensible for the writer to suggest these dedicated men ran a Good Ol Boys Club. Those three Sheriffs were committed to Protecting and Strengthening Goodhue County through Experienced Leadership as am I.

Finally the writer wrote, "The editor of the "newspaper" has been personal friends with Gielau for over 20 years." I'm assuming the writer is referring to Anne Jacobson or Michael Brun from the Republican Eagle. I don't believe I have ever spoken to Mr. Brun unless it would have been a time when I was releasing a departmental press release. I spoke to Ms. Jacobson earlier this month prior to an article about my opponent being published. Ms. Jacobson asked if I had any comment on the story and I did not. That was the first time I had ever met Ms. Jacobson. This 20 year friendship claim by the writer simply is not true and is an attempt in trying to tie my campaign to the article.

For the past thirty-three years I have proudly worn the uniform of the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office and I have had a very rewarding career. I have the necessary experience and a thorough knowledge of how our office operates to be your next Sheriff. We have many dedicated men and women working at the Sheriff's Office and I have a vision to make sure their careers and future members of our office have as good of career here as I have. We will continue operating at a high level.

I would appreciate your vote on November 6.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.