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Do you care about your community?

I dont think any single person is capable of sorting out all the issues for any single political candidate, let alone a group of them. My trust of every major news outlet and internet site is minimal. The bias and misrepresentation that is done just to bolster ratings is criminal. I try to do my best to winnow the chaff and vote for candidates that will do the best for the people and communities that I care about. The best way I have found to do that is walk up to them, look into their eyes, shake their hand and judge for myself. I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of the candidates in person and have real conversations with them. Since that isnt an opportunity that many people take the time for I thought I would share my experience; and no, I am not paid to write this or any other article.

Scott Walker; Ive spoken with him at length. He is a genuine man of Faith and works to improve the lives of the people of the state of Wisconsin, all the people of the state, even the ones that didnt vote for him. He is very concerned for regular families and their current and future success, especially the children of those families. His humility and approachability are noteworthy.

Rebecca Kleefisch; one of the most approachable and humble people Ive met. She is genuinely interested in the problems of the people of Wisconsin and works to ensure their current and future success. I have rarely encountered someone that is as gifted in their intellect, empathy and skill at communicating. She is guided by her Faith and her actions align with her words; it is always clear where you stand with her.

Steve Toft; one of the most genuine people I have ever met and a true son of Wisconsin. He is an absolute patriot and has a deep caring and empathy for everyone that he encounters. He is always interested in hearing whatever issue may be on your mind and works hard at whatever he sets his mind to. There is no question that in every leadership role, his humility drives his desire to help the people he represents.

Leah Vukmir; it would be difficult for me to imagine a person that has more commitment and conviction than Leah. The tenacity and caring that she has shown in her life is amazing. It is clear from the first moments that you talk with her that her genuine concern for the people of Wisconsin is paramount in her duties and she will execute those duties guided by her Faith. She is always interested in hearing all sides of any issue and making the best decision she can. She is one of my favorite people.

Mel Pittman; his common-sense view of the world and deep Faith drive his concern for the people, families and children of Wisconsin. His work ethic does not allow him to do things part way, which has resulted in his great success at every endeavor he puts his mind to. I would trust Mel with any decision that needed to be made.

Warren Petryk; finding compromise where none appears to exist is Warrens greatest gift; followed closely by a beautiful singing voice. His natural empathy and willingness to listen until youre done speaking give him great understanding. It is clear that his humility is driven from his Faith and his actions align with his words; always trying to do the best for the people of Wisconsin.

My opinion of all of these great individuals would be the same regardless of if they are in their current roles or I met them at the Cheese Curd Festival having a nice evening. All of them are truly genuine people called to a higher purpose by their Faith and humbled by the responsibility. My family is better for knowing them and not only am I WILLING to vote for them, I am PROUD to vote or them.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.