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Anybody Can Be a BossMarty Kelly Will Be Real Leadership.

Election time is a difficult and stressful time for Sheriffs Deputies. To support one candidate or another can have a huge impact on their careers. I feel strongly enough about this particular election to openly support one candidate. I simply want the Goodhue County Sheriffs Office to be the best organization it can be.

I have worked for the Sheriffs Office for almost 20 years. Since 1999 I have been a jailer, road deputy, school resource officer, SWAT officer, bailiff, worked transports and civil process. I have also been a union steward for many years and headed up the Project Lifesaver program at the Office for almost 10 years. Needless to say, I have been actively involved in this organization in which I have been proud of, most of the time. Unfortunately, there have been times in which some individuals in leadership positions treated deputies unprofessionally, allowing their emotions to get the better of them. This is not the type of leadership that I know law enforcement officers and citizens want for this county. This is one of the reasons I ran for Goodhue County Sheriff this year. I vowed that I would never treat employees that way and that I would be a humble servant, not a boss. I support Marty Kelly for these same reasons.

After listening to the debates, reading their stances on issues and watching them both for almost 20 years, I know Marty Kelly is speaking from the heart. He will put the welfare of the citizens and his deputies before his own. He will make the changes that are necessary to help dissolve the divides that have negatively affected the office for years. Marty will be the one to unite people, will stand up for what is right and will listen to and empower his staff. Well rounded, trained, equipped and dedicated staff will better serve our communities.

The next Sheriff in Goodhue County will be there to protect and serve you when needed. To the people who work in the Officethe Sheriffs role is critical for your mental and physical well-being. We need leadership that understands the importance of taking care of the members of your team so that they can best do their job. Please support and vote for Marty Kelly on November 6th.


Goodhue County Deputy Sheriff Josh Stehr

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.