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Move Our Schools Forward

On November 6th, I urge you to vote YES and YES to support the Red Wing School

District referendum questions. To vote YES and YES for our kids and the future strength of our community.

I am proud to live in the Red Wing Community, to have worked in the Red Wing School District for many years and to have raised our boys here. Red Wing is a community that values our cultures and our history, that celebrates the arts and strongly supports our local businesses. Red Wing has also had a strong history of supporting our schools.

Now as a community we are being asked to move our schools forward. A YES on referendum question number one, while vital, really just allows us stand still as a school district and as a community. I dont believe Red Wing is a community that stands still; I believe we are a community that is focused on our current and future success. Voting YES and YES provides the resources that allow us to move our schools forward into the future and deliver an education that prepares our kids to be career or college ready and life ready. When we move our schools forward we move Red Wing forward.

While working in the Red Wing School District I had a front row seat to watch caring, highly skilled educators day in and day out do everything possible to deliver the best education for our kids. Yet, the world doesnt look like it did when we all grew up and our schools shouldnt look exactly like they did back then either. It isnt enough for kids to be quietly memorizing facts and information. Now, they need to be actively engaged in their learning; researching, weighing information, creating solutions to problems, working in teams. Classrooms need to be interactive, bustling places where kids are learning from the teacher and learning with each other. Class sizes need to be small enough to allow our teachers to successfully deliver this hands on learning. Our kids should have the opportunities to work in partnerships with local businesses and earn college credits and technical certificates. In short, classrooms and schools need to look very different than they did years ago if our kids are to be prepared for the careers that currently exist.

Voting YES and YES will provide resources to assure that our students have the dynamic curriculum they need to be prepared for our ever advancing world and enough highly trained educators to support them. Please vote YES and YES to move Red Wing forward.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.