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GOP Ad Campaigns Mislead Voters!

Minnesotans Can Reduce Health Care Costs Significantly!

In 2012, Growth & Justice, a nonpartisan research and advocacy organization, released two reports containing more than 90 pages of detailed supporting data showing that Minnesotans and their employers would save almost 9 percent on total health care spending if the state had one public system for financing universal, high-quality health care (also known as "single payer" or "Medicare for All.)

The GOP, in their ad campaigns, are selectively focusing on just one facet of the reports resulting in "egregious cherry-picking that creates an utter falsehood," as stated by Dane Smith, a Senior Fellow and President Emeritus of Growth & Justice, in an article published in "Star Tribune"

He further stated that "our reports stated clearly and repeatedly that by shifting to a single system of public financingand eliminating the premiums paid to a bewildering and inefficient hodgepodge of private, public and nonprofit insurers Minnesotans would save 8.8 percent on total health care spending. We further calculated the savings at about $1,240 per family annually, and estimated that employers who were providing health insurance would save $1,214 per employee per year, and that annual savings could be as high as 12 percent to 33 percent in later years."

"And we made this assertion: "The economic savings would be significant; the potential health benefits are immeasurable."

A vote for Lori Ann Clark and Angie Craig on November 6 will get YOU representation that cares for YOU!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.