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The Fate of Our Democracy Rests on You

These are some of the head spinning news stories from the last six months:

* Tariff wars that endanger our farmers and cost our manufacturers billions of dollars.

* A President who insults our allies and cozies up to dictators.

* Promises by the Republican majority leader to cut our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

* Tax bills that borrow money and plunge our budget into debt for Trillions of dollars .

* Incarcerated children separated from their parents and being held at the border.

* Speeches from our President that promote violence against others, resulting in pipe bomb mailings to critics and Eleven dead at a Synagogue in Pittsburg.

* A Congress that refuses to do their duty as a check to the President.

* Republican controlled legislatures across the country that are purging legal voters from their rolls or setting up rules making it very difficult for minorities to vote.

* Environmental regulations meant to protect us, that are being gutted to protect the interest of big business.

* A culture of corruption in this Republican administration resulting in over 24 convictions to date.

* The press being labeled as an ""enemy of the people" in an effort to discourage criticism.

This is not normal, in fact it is sickening. Our democracy is in deep trouble. The only way to save our country and ourselves is to Vote them out of office.


This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.