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Erin Buss Knows Her Hometown

Erin Buss wants to represent Red Wings Ward 4 on our city council. Shell be an informed and capable council person.

Erin has demonstrated her willingness to serve the citizens of Ward 4 and the City of Red Wing. She participated in the Red Wing Citizens Assembly in 2017 and has taken the challenge to become a more engaged citizen. She understands that residents want their government to be responsive, accountable, and accessible. Her fresh perspective is informed by her interest in human rights, her background in education and the hospitality business, and her 24 years living in Red Wing. Erin has three children who attend Red Wing schools. She loves reading and believes the Red Wing Public Library is one of our greatest assets. Erin stepped up to save the life of a student who was choking in October 2016 and received special recognition from Superintendent Anderson for her quick thinking and quick action.

Erin Buss will use her unique skills, her ability to reach constructive compromise, and her empathy for fellow citizens to help make smart decisions on behalf of Ward 4 residents and the City of Red Wing. Please consider talking with Erin about issues, supporting her candidacy, and casting your ballot for her on November 6!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.