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Endorses Jim Reichert

Endorses Jim Reichert

I am writing this letter to heartily endorse James "Jim" Reichert for election to the Prescott school board.

Jim is a lifelong resident, well known to many in sharing his opinions. My reasons for promoting Jim include:

*Possesses the keen awareness of the need to provide an excellent education in a secure, safe space to prepare students for their future productive lives.

*Understands that the board has two constituencies, i.e. the students who deserve the best education and the taxpayers who bear the cost.

*Supports the goal that the board demonstrate greater accountability and transparency.

*Advocates a climate of the board being more receptive to citizen input.

*Knows that being a member of the school board is not an easy task and demonstrates an ability to offer new perspectives.

Jim is uniquely qualified to be a member of the school board and will listen to the voters. Please consider marking your calendar to vote for Jim Reichert on April 3rd.

Brian Crist