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Prescott School Board Election

Prescott School Board Election

Generally speaking I applaud people who take on the thankless task of governance. People who selflessly surrender a portion of their private time for the greater good. Politicians who run for office for altruistic reasons, people who pursue careers in education, law enforcement, and the military come to mind. Yes, there are those who served for a time and can feel as if they've done their part but the long term participant is very special.

Any current or past member of the Prescott School Board knows, by his persistent attendance, that Jim Reichert is tremendously interested in the district and dare I say tremendous knowledge regarding its workings. Some people get involved while their children are in school, then pass the responsibility to the next parent group. Jim is driven selflessly, not selfishly.

On April 3rd a vote cast for Jim Reichert would be a vote for someone who wants to serve the community in which he has always lived. Jim is civic minded and community oriented.

Tom Winkler

Oak Grove