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Thank You

Thank You

On February 12th my family woke up to our worst nightmare, our house was on fire. We got out safely but within minutes our home was fully engulfed in flames. That night we sat outside and watched our whole lives go up in smoke. We lost everything. Everything we held near and dear to our hearts was gone in a blink of an eye including our cat and a dog. We literally had nothing but the clothes on our backs. We drove away not knowing what we were going to do next.

What happened next was just amazing. And that amazing thing was YOU! So many of you helped us. There are so many people to name i am scared i will leave someone out. So think of this as your personal thank you letter from us.

Thank YOU!

YOU helped us in so may ways. All of your donations was absolutely astonishing. All of your words of encouragement meant more to us then you could ever imagine. Each and everyone of YOU helped us put our lives back together. Without YOU we would not of come back from this tragedy as fast as we did. Every act of kindness brought tears to our eyes. YOU are amazing! I honestly believe that all the best people in the world live in this community we call home.

Thank YOU!!

Tina, Roger, Shyla and Ty