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A Special Thank You

A Special Thank You

To Randy and Lori Seipel and Mike and Kae Harmon.

You guys were our rock through this tragedy. In the frame of mind we were in I know we could not of done this without you. You did so much for us! All the organizing of the donations, the many phone calls you took, even delivering the donations. Thank you for what you even spent out of your own pockets. Thank you for the support you have given my kids, that meant the world to them. We appreciate everything you have done for us and still continue to do. You guys are amazing people!

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you to the fire department for coming as quick as you did. And a special thank you to the fireman that took his sweatshirt off his back to give to Roger on that cold night. You guys are awesome!

Thank You!

Tina, Roger, Shyla and Ty