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Meyer hopes to expand library’s role in Ellsworth community

Ellsworth native Tiffany Meyer has been the director of the Ellsworth Public Library for the past month. (Herald photo by Jason Schulte)

It was a Christmas gift come early enough one could especially be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Everything fell into place to where Ellsworth native Tiffany Meyer could get a job in her field, in her hometown, close to her parents, grandparents and siblings and near where her husband works as well.

“I’m very fortunate,” Meyer said. “I wanted to be in close proximity to my family. I wanted my eight-year old son to be able to see his grandparents. With my husband (Kevin Etherton) getting a job at the courthouse (GIS specialist) and with this job opening up, I feel very fortunate. It’s almost amazing how everything lined up the way it did.”

The EHS and UW-River Falls graduate has been the director of the Ellsworth Public Library for the past month coming in from her previous post as head of the Dresser Library. She’s ready to expand the public footprint of the library within the community to keep its relevancy in the 21st Century.

“Ellsworth has grown considerably since I graduated from high school and left for college,” Meyer said. “I realize this now more so than just brief trips back home once and a while. I want the library to be a part of this growth which I think will continue because we are the county seat and because we’re close to the Twin Cities.”

After a stint as a glass artist, Meyer decided to go into the media services field which got her involved in library work in Polk County. She worked at youth services and programs with the Osceola Community Library, then worked with the Polk County Library Federation with a jail literacy program and then became director of the Dresser Library for the past two and a half years.

Many small town libraries like Dresser and Ellsworth have outgrown their small buildings for the kind of services they offer and the roles they play nowadays. Meyer was just beginning to deal with expansion plans in Dresser and will have to do the same in Ellsworth as a building committee looks at options for a new library building. Their next meeting is this month and Meyer said she’s been briefed as to where they are at in their planning.

For more please read the Dec 3 print version of the Herald.