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Motive establushed in Milwaukee murder, arson case

MILWAUKEE - Prosecutors say greed and jealousy caused three robbers to kill a Milwaukee woman and her two children, before the robbers turned on one of their own.

21-year-old Desmond Laster and 23-year-old Anthony Barnes were both charged yesterday with four counts of intentional homicide, arson, and possessing firearms as convicted felons.

Prosecutors said the two men and 19-year-old Brittney Robertson robbed Rachel Thompson of 800-dollars last Friday before they stabbed and shot the 23-year-old Thompson and two of her sons, and set fire to their house to try-and-cover up the slayings. Authorities said they also took Thompson's six-month-old son and left him in front of a church.

The baby had a different father from the other kids, and Robertson used to date that man. During the robbery, prosecutors said Robertson asked Thompson how she could let the baby live with her and the other kids. Later in the day, prosecutors said Robertson had talked about killing herself. But after police released her photo as a missing person, the other two men apparently thought Robertson became too well-known - and they allegedly shot her to death.