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Police Beat: Feuding River Falls merchants nearly come to blows

One claimed his neck was grabbed. The other claimed to be threatened with a brick.

In the end, River Falls police cited two local men who work downtown for disorderly conduct.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon, May 30, at 124 N. Riverwalk. The men are ages 58 and 62.

One allegedly had put a sign in his store window accusing another business tenant – not the one involved in the fighting -- of being a cheat, a liar and a deadbeat for not paying bills.

Another business owner came over and demanded that this sign come down.

There was yelling, name calling and an apparent scuffle. A neck may have been grabbed and squeezed. A brick may have been lifted with motions made to aim and toss it.

A man working upstairs in his arts studio finally called 911. Officers arrived to sort out the stories. No one was seriously hurt.

Both men involved in this incident were given $187 citations with 1:30 p.m. July 15 Municipal Court dates.

River Falls police also:

--Cited two men in the early 20s for disorderly conduct because of fighting between them at East Cascade Avenue and Sixth Street Wednesday evening, May 27.

One man said the other drove backward over his foot. The driver said the man had tossed keys at his car and that he was later punched in the face. The other man said that punch was merely in self-defense.

Both men knew each other and had issues. Each got a $187 citation and July Municipal Court dates.

--Arrested a 57-year-old local man for drunk driving-fourth offense in the 500 block of East Division Street late Tuesday night, May 26.

The man had called police to his home on that street to complain about a trespasser. There, an officer noted that the man making the complaint had slurred speech, trouble standing and smelled of booze.

He was pinched later that night after leaving his driveway in a pickup truck and coming back home.

The man was taken to the hospital for a blood sample and then county jail in Ellsworth. Because this is his fourth drunk driving violation, his July 6 case will be heard in Pierce County Circuit Court.

There’s more in Police Beat in the June 4 print issue of the River Falls Journal.