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Plum City Badger Boys and Girls reps recount life lessons

Kate Hassing1 / 2
Dylan Schneider2 / 2

Dylan Schneider recently represented Plum City Legion Post #365 at Badger Boys State, which is sponsored by the American Legion.

Kate Hassing represented Legion Auxiliary Post #365 at Badger Girls State, which is sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary.

Senior high school students are selected after they apply, based on leadership qualities in their school and community. The goal is to learn about the civic processes of state government and the leadership required.Reps attend an eight-day program and act as a citizen of a fictitious 51st State of the Union. They are assigned to a city or county, run for and are elected to positions in each level of state government. They act out the roles and responsibilities over the week.

Schneider recounted his experiences, for which he was grateful:

"I ran for city attorney and lost. This was the only position I ran for, but it taught me a lot. First I need to work on public speaking and have gotten much better," Schneider said. "Also I attended many discussions on a broad range of topics, from why change is hard, to who the Ho-Chunk are.

"Aside from this, I have put myself in positions I would otherwise not have done. One night our city had a great bonding experience that brought us closer together and exposed our feelings. In another case, I would not have even participated in this, but thanks to a new friend of mine, many things were said that needed to be said and allowed us to grow closer and become brothers rather than jocks, nerds and strangers."

Hassing, daughter of Paul and Shannon Hassing, also shared her experiences.

"I would like to thank the American Legion Auxiliary for a wonderful

and unforgettable experience. I have to say that it has made an

impression on my life.

"I was able to act as the county supervisor which means I was the leader of a small group of girls who were trying to keep the environment clean. I also really enjoyed playing in the band as I got the opportunity to learn some new songs.

"Being at Badger Girl State gave me the chance to experience the UW Oshkosh campus and make some great friendships."

2018 was the 70th anniversary at UW Oshkosh. Over 700 delegates participated and two delegates were selected to attend Girls Nation in Washington DC.