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Kiwanis Student of the Week: Hailee Winkler

Hailee Winkler

The Prescott Kiwanis Student of the Week for Oct. 31 is Prescott High School junior Hailee Winkler, who was nominated by band director Jason Canfield.

"Hailee is a very hardworking, talented student who always looks for ways to more involved," Canfield said. "Hailee will be representing Prescott performing in the 2018 Wisconsin State Honors Band, held at the Overture Center of the Arts in Madison. Over 1,500 students audition for State Honors Ensembles. Of this, 110 students are selected to perform in the honors band. Hailee is one of 18 clarinet players selected from across the state to perform in the State Honors Band."

Parents: Tom and Donna Winkler

Community service / outside clubs / activities: I volunteer in the Prescott community. I even go out of town to serve dinners.

Interests: I love to read. Sometimes I read too much. I also like to work outdoors. I love music too. I love to listen to any genre and I play multiple instruments. I play the clarinet, tenor saxophone, and a little bit of piano. I also learned how to play the alto saxophone.

School activities: I play volleyball in the fall and run track in the spring. I'm very competitive in both sports. I am also a member of Volunteer Club and Jazz Band.

Future Plans: I am not exactly sure where I am going, but if all goes right, all I care about is being happy and successful. I do have plans to go to college. Maybe I'll go into music or into nursing or a field to help others.