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Photos: Traveling the world at St. Joseph Parish School

Claire Schommer became an expert on Israel for her Festival of Nations display at St. Joseph Parish School. 1 / 7
Rory Zuehlsdorf learned all about Somalia as a Festival of Nations project at St. Joseph Parish School.2 / 7
Clare Hince researched the country of Algeria for her Festival of Nations booth at St. Joseph Parish School.3 / 7
Lucas Blair and Allie Tibayan show off rosemaling artwork and flag-draped delicacies as they present Norway at the St. Joseph Parish School Festival of Nations. 4 / 7
Ashley Keller taught Festival of Nations attendees about the country of Cyprus. 5 / 7
Wyatt Wrisky, Hannah Schommer and Cadyn Hillebrand learned about and presented information on Ireland at the St. Joseph Parish School Festival of Nations. Photos courtesy of Judith Huppert6 / 7
If you wanted to learn about Saudi Arabia at St. Joseph Parish School’s Festival of Nations, you could have headed over to see Jeanne Rohl’s display.7 / 7

St. Joseph Parish School in Prescott recently had its annual Festival of Nations. The students of grades 5 and 6 celebrated 17 countries, some displaying their families' nationalities and some researching Middle Eastern/African countries What a great way to learn about our world's diversity!