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St. Francis bestows virtue awards

January virtue awards for being helpful were awarded to Lyla Soley, Griffin Thompson, Walker Loberg, Bentley McHardy, Kyle VanWatermeulen, Dan Vogel, and Regan Nelson (missing from photo). Certificates for honesty were awarded to Walter Rewolinski, Levi Acker, Carter Moldenhauer, Lucy Feuerhelm, Rosemary Shafer and Nora Feuerhelm. Photo courtesy of St. Francis School 1 / 3
4YK student Raegan Knudsen was recognized for showing the character trait of helpfulness while Deni Truttman received a certificate for exhibiting the character trait of patience. Photo courtesy of St. Francis School 2 / 3
February virtue awards for kindness were awarded to Ella Murphy, Merrick Mason, Evie Puhrmann, Gavin Wittenberg, Jordan Paider, and Emmie Pechacek (missing from photo). Certificates for patience were awarded to Theo LaFave, Grace Turvaville, Taelyn Hines, Shawn Huppert, Shelby Olson, and Connor Flanigan. Photo courtesy of St. Francis School 3 / 3

Because of winter weather-related delays, students at St. Francis School in Ellsworth were finally awarded their Virtue certificates from the month of January along with those for the month of February on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

January virtues included helpfulness and honesty. When you are helpful, you find things that need to be done and do them. Honest people tell the truth.

February virtues were kindness and patience. If you are kind, you treat others with respect just as you would want to be treated. Patient people wait and have a good attitude while waiting.