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Photos: History vividly comes to life at St. Joseph

St. Joseph students who brought ancient history to life at the Living Historic Wax Museum: (front, from left) Gabby Matzek, Ethan West, Deitrich Eich, Katie Huppert; (back) Landon Zeverino, Ashley Keller, Jeanne Rohl, Rory Zuehlsdorf, Claire Hince, Ellie Block, Claire Schommer. Photo courtesy of Judith Huppert1 / 2
St. Joseph students representing Wisconsin history at the Living Historic Wax Museum were (front, from left) Grace Ptacek, John Rohl, Wyatt Budworth, Chase Kinney, Brody West; (back) Trey Myers, Leah Harvey, Lilly Hillebrand, Isabelle Meyer, Carter Larsen, Andrew Henrich, Astrid Reiff. Photo courtesy of Judith Huppert2 / 2

A Living Historic Wax Museum was held at St. Joseph Parish School in Prescott. Students in grades 4-6 brought history to life as they represented 33 historical figures from Wisconsin history, U.S. history, and ancient history.