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Prescott teachers praised for performance and dedication

Retiree Deb Huppert hugs Superintendent Dr. Rick Spicuzza during the Prescott School District anniversary lunch June 6. Spicuzza shared his appreciation for Huppert's dedication to the district's administration department at Malone Intermediate School. She served as the Human Resources Coordinator. Rachel Helgeson / RiverTown Multimedia1 / 3
Malone Administrative Assistant Connie Grabow was honored for her impeccable ability to mold to Prescott School District's vision and uphold a high standard of multitasking, patience and support for the school. Rachel Helgeson / RiverTown Multimedia2 / 3
Three-sport coach and 30-year Prescott Middle School physical education teacher Rod Radle laughs and smiles along with the audience as he is recognized by the district for his retirement. Radle resides in Plum City and spent the approximate equivalent of 1.36 years driving to and from Prescott to work. Rachel Helgeson / RiverTown Multimedia3 / 3

Tears were shed and applause was granted as Prescott School District teachers and staff were honored for their many years of employment and retirement.

Twelve teachers were recognized for decades of service to the district which included:

Paula Kenow and Aaron Marshall for 10 years; Corey Morning, Mike Kosmalski, Mike Hoikka and Marcy Westphal for 15 years; Tina Stenroos, Patty Orf, Helen Raebel and Jeff Poliak for 20 years; Donalee Meyer for 25 years and Jeff Ryan for 30 years.

Long-time employees were awarded with gifts such as a water bottle, blanket, cooler or a chair.

Retirees Deb Huppert, Rod Radle and Connie Grabow were presented with kind words and a plaque commemorating their years with the district.

Superintendent Dr. Rick Spicuzza said the district historically schedules a night during the week to recognize their special employees, but this year with many snow days and the resulting sports schedule, the district chose an afternoon to schedule a lunch. Supporters from the community and fellow staff members joined the celebration.

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