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New public health director coming in April

Pierce County will have a new public health director after Pierce County Board supervisors confirmed the appointment at the Jan. 23 Pierce County Board meeting.

Per interim director Dianne H-Robinson, who was appointed by the board to serve as interim director mid-August 2017, new director Ayslinn Snyder will take over April 16.

In other action the board disallowed a claim by Kristi Frederick, Pierce County Children, Youth and Families Program Manager. In a letter, Frederick said that the county owes her $55,773.91 (pre-tax) in wages, $3,737.45 in retirement match, and four weeks of paid time off for overtime hours she worked from 2015-2017.

"It is not my intention to cause problems for Pierce County, rather, my intent is to seek fair compensation for the additional non-exempt mandated duties I have necessarily, not voluntarily, performed over the past two years," Frederick said in her letter.

Frederick said in her letter that because of staffing shortages and other issues she had to fill in for a non-exempt position which should allow her the overtime she believes is owed her. In total she is seeking to be paid for 958 overtime hours she said she worked from 2015-2017.

JoAnn Miller, Pierce County Administrative Coordinator, said she had no comment on the Frederick claim or disallowance.