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Letters to the editor: Listen to Prescott T-shirt protest; Latest word on Scottie

Listen to Prescott T-shirt protest


Along with many others across the state, I've been watching the silent T-shirt protest held by Prescott students, with great admiration. To call attention to the race-based sports mascots of visiting teams, specifically the Osceola Chieftains and the Baldwin-Woodville Blackhawks, the Prescott students attend the games while exercising their expressive first amendment rights by wearing shirts with messages pointing out that those mascots promote stereotypes and discrimination.

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In terms of research on the impact of race-based mascots, the Prescott students are on solid ground as multiple studies show the objective harm native students experience when exposed to mascots which dehumanize them or caricature Native people into cartoonish or mythologized figures. Further, research also shows that majority race students are more likely to discriminate against minorities if their school officially condones stereotyping. Consequently, the American Psychological Association, the NCAA, the NCAI, and each of the federally recognized tribes in Wisconsin have called on schools in the state to retire these mascots in the interests of best educational practices.

Yet, the superintendent of the Osceola school district continues to support the Chieftains mascot and a fictionalized image of Osceola, a Seminole leader, as a symbol for its school. Did Osceola, born in 1804, ever visit the Wisconsin territory during his lifetime? Since he spent most of his 34 years helping the Seminoles resist being removed from their land and having it forcibly seized by Andrew Jackson, it's not likely. Likewise, the superintendent of Baldwin-Woodville school district defends the use of their mascot, the Blackhawks, which is not a reference to birds, but to another historical Native leader, Blackhawk, who also had no connection to the region and who led a conflict-filled life, not of his choosing.

How is it that H.S. students can see the harm in perpetuating cultural stereotypes as school mascots and superintendents, with advanced degrees in educational practices and policy, cannot? Please listen to the students. In 2018, schools need to prepare students to live in a global economy and a multi-cultural world; cultural competency and empathy are even more important to teach.

Paula Mohan


Latest word on Scottie


Latest word is that Slippery Scottie Walker wants to give away another chunk of southeastern Wisconsin to business interests, this time to Kimberly Clark Paper Co., with the same incentives given to Foxconn. All well and good,but where does it stop?

Seems to me that we are being blackmailed by business on an ever-widening scale—threats to leave and hang the labor force out to dry unless we get our way, are not even veiled anymore. Whatever happened to standing on your own feet?

Walker wants to make able-bodied welfare recipients (where are they?) get jobs or lose benefits. How about making the CEOs of these big companies work for peanuts if they get state handouts? Somewhere along the line someone has to pay the taxes to pay Walker's salary—or maybe he is above drawing a paycheck—for the good of the people, maybe?

If these types of businesses WOULD leave, I bet the left behind workers could be employed by the State of Wisconsin to administer the paperwork for the above mentioned welfare people—or even drug testing everyone who is getting any kind of public assistance. Of course, there will be no tax money to pay their wages.

Speaking of which, the latest smart idea from our fat cat Republican people in Madison is TOLL ROADS—won't that be fun? As a matter of principle, Scotty says no new tax on gasoline, so there ya go folks, get your coins at the ready. It will be much handier and cheaper to have to stop at a toll booth than pay at the pump—not!

Okay, I must save my energy for something useful. Happy Valentine's day!

Don Beebe


Who votes more for spending?


FYI - Ron Johnson and Ron Kind voted against the oppressive spending bill. Tammy Baldwin's vote favors placing another shackle in the chains that will keep our children and grandchildren in debt servitude. The crisis velocity has increased exponentially and we are still stuck with Team Democrat and Team Republican playing a rigged game, while Team Liberty remains seated on the bench. When will the people stand for truth and stop attacking their neighbors?

Mr. Beebe wants to remove the splinter from his neighbor's eye. Yes Don, there are Republicans who are wrong, but that doesn't make Democrats right. Remove the log in your own eye.

Scott Thomson

Maiden Rock



As most of us know, Congress and the president have been considering various proposals to

protect the Dreamers, who are participants in DACA, or "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals," These young people were brought to the U.S. as children and have done nothing illegal. DACA has unfortunately succumbed to politics between the branches of government despite the broad popularity of DACA among the citizenry. And, time is rapidly running out for extensions of DACA and the many contributions that these young people will provide to our communities.

There are other things we should all know. (1) We should not use or succumb to the phrase,

"Chain-Migration," which is a negative term used by immigration opponents. A more appropriate term is "family-based immigration," Family-based immigration is the foundation of the U.S. immigration system and it seeks to recognize the stabilizing influence of in-tack families. Some of the proposals to protect the Dreamers simultaneously threaten family-based immigration.

Furthermore: (2) Proposals to protect the Dreamers also threaten the protection of unaccompanied children migrants. These protections help prevent abuse, trafficking, and neglect of these children. It is cruel to pit one group of vulnerable children against another. And: (3) The president is calling for an end to the "Temporary Protected Status" for groups of legal immigrants whose return home is threatened by violence.

And finally: (4) Economists agree that immigration creates economic growth and job expansion in the U.S., and other experts remind us that immigrants are far less likely than others to commit

crimes. Rhetoric to the contrary is just that: rhetoric. If you wish to support the Dreamers, unaccompanied children, and families, it is important to contact our legislators at and immediately. Thank you for your concern.

Dr. Jackie Brux

Emeritus Professor of Economics

Town of River Falls