Superintendent's column: Thank you and welcome!


I would like to thank all of the community members who attended the Ellsworth Elementary School Open House on Jan. 29. The turnout and comments throughout the night were truly overwhelming.

The Open House was an opportunity for the community to see firsthand the learning environment that the new school provides for the students of the community. In many cases, parents and grandparents had the unique opportunity to be guided through the building by their children and grandchildren and the staff had the opportunity to show all they can do within their new classrooms. We have had a great transition into the new school since the winter break. I have had the opportunity to visit the various grade levels to see the staff and and students in action and am continually impressed with their work and how fast they have all adjusted to their new environment.

Of course, the Open House is not the last opportunity for community members to see the new school, but it was a great opportunity to get many people together to learn about the building and to celebrate a new beginning. Without the continued support of the public and the belief in what we do, events like we just experienced would not be possible. Thank you and welcome to the new Ellsworth Elementary School!